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on babywearing

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

baby love
just like i never thought i’d end up with a baby sleeping in our bed more than occasionally, i don’t think the idea of babywearing ever really occurred to me as anything other than convenient until i carried Elisha around. i mean, those bucket car seats you see everyone lugging their kids around in (we do it, too, so i know they’re heavy) can really wear you out. a stroller is definitely nice, too.

however, there’s something different about wandering around with Elisha tucked into my Peanut Shell sling or wrapped up in the Moby.

it’s a fun kind of closeness i’ve come to enjoy. Elisha loves to be outside and looking around. he also doesn’t have a problem falling asleep in the wrap. i hope that he doesn’t outgrow his own entertainment. eventually, i’ll have to look into larger carriers (like a mei tai or something similar), but i don’t want to think about him growing yet … he’s already growing too fast.

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