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31 things (a little late)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

so, this post is almost two months overdue, but on march 31st, i turned 31. elisha was 11 days old. hubby bought me some craft books. my mom sent me a card. i got a sweet pair of berkenstocks from my mother-in-law. i took a nap. friends from church brought us dinner.

anyway, i have some goals for this new year of my life and i thought i’d write down 31 things i’d like to accomplish before i’m 32:

1. Sew a quilt.
2. Join a local CSA.
3. Make and stick to a weekly meal plan.
4. Eat out less and/or eat more local.
5. Refresh our budget.
6. Take more photos.
7. Find an exercise plan that works with my new mama schedule.
8. Spend more time outside.
9. Make my own baby food.
10. Begin to plan on how to work from home.
11. Call more friends more often.
12. Grill more.
13. Visit more friends and family.
14. Get more into Jesus again. No, really.
15. Read a few books.
16. Enjoy my son.
17. Enjoy my husband.
18. Start and maintain a game night.
19. Go back to the Outer Banks.
20. Redesign my website.
21. Start selling my art.
22. Print more on the Gocco.
23. Sew my own bag.
24. Sew things for Elisha.
25. Have more people over for dinner.
26. Watch a few foreign films.
27. Drink less soda (or quit entirely).
28. Find a haircut I actually like.
29. Pick less.
30. Encourage more.
31. Stick to this list.

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