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Friday, May 7, 2010

sleeping while i work

monday i started back at work, spending half a day in the office and half a day at home. monday hubby became a stay at home dad. i can’t say it’s been easy—elisha wasn’t exactly happy about the change in primary caregivers for half the day, hubby wasn’t really sure how to deal with a screaming baby, and i wasn’t totally ready to get back into the flow of things around the office.

needless to say, it’s been a bumpy week. we’re all a little bruised, but none of us are the worse for wear. some of our moments this week have been hard enough. it’s going to be a process; everyone will have to learn something new and find their rhythms again. elisha will love his daddy. i will love my inbox. hubby will love his son. there’ll be some more tears over the next few weeks, i’m sure, and i can’t say i look forward to them.

i don’t.

it breaks my heart to get frustrated phone calls from home with an inconsolable baby in the background.

however, i must say i much prefer the stay at home dad to a daycare service. justin may not always agree at this point, especially when he’s trying to console said baby, but i know it’s for the best for our family. it’s not going to be an easy adjustment; it hasn’t been the idyllic transition into “normal” life after maternity leave at all …

i just have to believe it will be good. eventually.

and i can continue to fuel my dream of one day working from home.

one day.

sleeping while i work

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  1. Friday, May 7, 2010 2:40 pm

    You know I feel your pain! I was in your shoes 11 months ago. Chris was in Justin’s shoes. I know it is SO hard for the men, because they don’t have the same “tools” (read: boobs) to console a newborn that we have. They have to come up with their own magic solutions. And for as long as the baby keeps crying and Dad doesn’t know what to do, he just feels SO helpless, and he just want you there to “fix” it. Which really doesn’t help the fact that you already don’t want to be at the office and away from Elisha.

    I can tell you that it will get easier. Justin will figure out what works for him, and they will find their groove. You will get better at being gone and will start to look forward to the “rest” that you get away from the craziness of home (sometimes). But one thing that drove me crazy the first few months was everyone kept saying, “It will get better.” and “It’s just a season.” And I would just say, “Yes, I know that, but I’m not concerned about next week. I’m concerned about surviving the next 5 minutes. Telling me it will get easier doesn’t help me RIGHT NOW!” So for right now, just know that I’ve been there and I know how hard this is for both of you, and I’m praying for you during this oh-so-tough season.

    Have you heard of The Happiest Baby on the Block? That book saved our sanity the first few months. It has real suggestions to give Daddy some soothing tools to help calm the little one.

    Call me if you need to talk. ::hugs::

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