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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

today, japan is celebrating children’s day as a national holiday. while it started as just boy’s day and a celebration of all male children (girl’s day is march 3rd), the national holiday is meant to recognize and appreciate children of both genders. if we lived in japan, we’d be flying our carp kites and finding fun things to do as a family.

in appreciation of our new little one, here are a couple of photos of his recent accomplishment. he’s discovered his thumb (on a limited basis)! i was a thumb-sucker, but it took me seven years to stop. elisha mostly refuses pacifiers of all kinds, and the day we went out to buy a variety to see if he’d take any, he found his thumb while we took a walk with him in his wrap. he’s still not very good at finding it all the time, and this can be frustrating at night when he’s looking to sooth himself. if he can’t get it in his mouth just right (or at all), he settles for noisily sucking on his entire little clenched fist or rooting for a boob. oh well. i can’t win them all and he’ll get the hang of such things way sooner than i think.

someone found his thumb

someone found his thumb

someone found his thumb


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