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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

next to the common questions asking how i’m doing, how Eli’s doing, and how Justin’s doing, the question that everyone hesitates to ask is how cloth diapering is going. it’s going awesomely, to be honest. we’ve been using cloth since the hospital. no one there objected, though the pediatrician was slightly confused. he’d never seen a prefold and a cover before, apparently.

breastfed baby poop is water-soluble, doesn’t stain (neither did meconium, by the way), and isn’t hard to clean up. we’ve never had any terrible blow-outs, though poop has snuck its way out of the leg gussets of a cover or two, just never up the back. i think i’ve missed more pees while changing diapers than we’ve had leaks (a couple of diapers were too big for our little man’s skinny thighs, which was a soggy lesson learned). and, really, i don’t mind the extra laundry.

the muttaquin baby fitteds were great for the first few weeks, but Eli is such a power pee-er that they’re just not absorbent enough anymore. the prints were cute, but he’s a real super soaker already, so i usually cover them instead of letting him go coverless. the sustainablebabyish fitteds are great at night under wool.

really, our current diapers of choice are prefolds and covers. simple, easy to put on, and quick to wash and dry. Elisha is finally out-growing his green mountain diaper “orange-edge” (newborn) sized diapers. we’ve sized up to the “yellow-edge” (infant) sized, but they’re still quite roomy. i’m currently experimenting with a hemp fabric doubler because Eli is seriously a flood of pee. it doesn’t help that he doesn’t complain AT ALL when wet/dirty. he never complains. the only thing he really cries about is being hungry … and he’s hungry a lot.

cloth diaper of choice

cloth diaper of choice

cloth diaper of choice

sizing up

sizing up

lastly, we’re enjoying Thirsties brand pockets and covers. they both fit so nice and the leg gussets help to hold in that lovely breastfed baby poop.

anyway, cloth diapering was a great decision, and it’s been fun so far.

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  1. homebird2 permalink
    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4:41 pm

    Glad to hear it’s going well! We’re using the prefolds and thirsties covers too, and they’re great!

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