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a little bit of green

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

03-17 a little green

03-17 a little green

here’s my little bit o’green for st patrick’s day—a cloth diaper shirt for the wombling. it’s from for crying out loud on hyenacart. while i don’t know if i’ll ever be brave enough to try pins on my prefolds and flats, i do have a couple of fitteds that came with pins (they can also be snappi’d).

anyway, being good to our environment is only one of the reasons hubby and i decided to cloth diaper. besides the fact that no one knows how long it’ll take for a disposable diaper to biodegrade in a landfill, it’s full of chemicals to congeal urine that aren’t necessarily good for our bodies or the ground water they eventually seep into. cloth diapering can also end up cheaper in the long run, in so far as one doesn’t get addicted to all of the cute “fluff” out there. and, let me tell you, there are tons and tons of adorable cloth diapers.

yes, i have to do more laundry, but if i’m going to be washing baby clothes on a regular basis, what’s a load of diapers thrown into the mix? water and energy are a lot more renewable than landfill space.

so, there’s the basics of why we’re goin’ “old school.” some people may call it gross or backwards, but i think it’ll be simple and enjoyable (if one can call poop in any way, shape, or form fun).

03-17 look what i did

that said, today i’m 39 weeks, 3 days pregnant. i have about 5 days until my estimated due date. this morning, i shaved my legs and cut my toenails. all by myself. no, really. sure, it took a bit of grunting and positioning to get every nail cut, and, well … not every toenail is perfect … but i did it.

as of this morning, i’m somewhere between 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and the baby’s finally engaged as it should be in my pelvis. i didn’t bother to ask what “station” it’s in, but apparently, it’s settled into a place that’s ready for labor. whenever that happens …

i’m hoping it’s soon.

we’re ready to meet the newb.

also, i’m tired of people asking “how are you feeling?” and “when are you due again?” people don’t seem to realize that asking a woman in the last week of her pregnancy how she’s feeling is a terribly loaded question that while it may make for innocent, curious conversation could potentially unload a whole host of choice words from the aching, tired, child-bearing object of conversation. seriously. i’ve been patient so far, but if i make it to church again on sunday without giving birth, i think i might just freak out a little.

  1. Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:21 am

    yay cloth!
    you know, it never bothered me when people asked how i was feeling… i actually ask pregnant women that myself. i didn’t really think much of it. When people asked when I was due I just said, “May 6, give or take two weeks.” What drove me crazy was when the project manager at work wrote “May 6 – Baby” on her calendar and was completely oblivious when I would remind her that there was a chance I wouldn’t make it that long. But she was certifiable so there you have it.

    • Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:41 am

      I don’t really hate the “How are you feeling?” question so much as the context. Sometimes I feel like people have NO IDEA what else to say to me, so they decide that’s the best course of action because I’m pregnant and they HAVE to ask me something, anything, about the big belly and the waddling. I guess it’s just I wouldn’t mind some variety in conversation every once and a while … 😀

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