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hello, sunshine.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

it’s bright and sunny today. there isn’t a cloud in the crisp sky. i love it when light floods into my office from the window by my desk and the windows across the room. it feels so much more motivating when everything is bathed in sunshine.
03-04 hello, sunshine

03-04 hello, sunshine

i can’t say it entirely feels like spring is coming, yet, especially since we had snow earlier this week. i know it will be here soon, just like our baby will be here soon.

i’m beginning to think about things to do once the season changes and i’m very tempted to grow some vegetables on our back “porch” … well, it’s just a slab of concrete out our kitchen door … not much of a porch. i’m not sure what direction its facing or what kind of light it gets during the day since i’m usually at work, but i think it could be a fun project to try growing tomatoes or peppers or herbs or lettuce or even some asian goodies. i’ve found a few sites of inspiration here, here, and here.

if the idea doesn’t float past hubby very well, then i think we could consider joining a local CSA like this one. the thought of fresh veggies tempts me so much.

other than those random thoughts, the half of the spare room that is to be the nursery is almost finished. we picked up our dresser from walmart yesterday and my vinyl wall decal from my mother-in-law arrived, too. i’ve got half the tree stuck to the wall and hubby might put the dresser together while i’m at work. then, i can finally stuff drawers with cloth diapers and little footed pajamas. i am so excited!

lastly, i have sewing to finish. i hope i can get that done in 18 days or less …


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