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37 weeks!

Monday, March 1, 2010

37 weeks

well, here we are at full term. 3 trimesters down, 3 or so weeks left to go. at least, that’s what i keep telling myself and the wombling. it’s a daily thing for me to remind our anticipated babe that no one wants an overdone bun. in fact, in our household, we tend to like our cookies a little soft in the middle. all that metaphor is to say that we wouldn’t complain one bit about meeting our newest family member before 40 weeks instead of after. nope, not at all.

37 weeks

although, i understand that the trend among the first born is to get comfortable in the womb and not pay attention to the timer. while i’ll admit i have no real desire to be induced, especially because i’m actually still aiming for a natural epidural-free birth, i know and can accept that this one will come when it’s ready. on God’s time, not mine.

37 weeks

that doesn’t make it any easier to wait, especially now that the time left is so short.

i can’t say i’ve been waiting these past 37 weeks like i’ll be waiting these next 3. it’s totally different.


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