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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

02-23 mixed lunch

02-23 mixed lunch

i definitely can feel myself starting to slow down. my body is getting ready to give birth. it’s aching and stretching and changing. i’m tired. i’m excited. my feet are swollen by the end of the day and my wedding ring is finally getting a little too snug to be comfortable. i’m still nesting like crazy. i want to sew, to organize, to make, but sometimes other things in life get in the way and it’s very strangely frustrating on a hormonal level.

the baby’s been moving a lot. it’s not leaning to the left as much as usual, but seems to have found the center, though it occasionally hangs out against its favorite side. oh, and its feet! i feel like i’m getting kicked all the time, and i can see the little nubby heels roll across my belly under my ribs all the time now. i’m a little squeamish about the whole thing, but the movements often tickle or sometimes hurt and are always cute, regardless.

it’s pretty amazing what our bodies can do, and it’s even crazier what another whole person inside feels like.


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