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not quite as photographed

Friday, February 12, 2010

02-12 not quite as photographed

02-12 not quite as photographed

there was cheddar broccoli soup with this lunch, but i eated it. heehee.

i may not be able to eat as much in one sitting at a time as i used to, but that doesn’t mean i’m not hungry all the time. small, frequent meals are now the name of the game for me until the baby drops. i feel like i’m just sort of grazing all day. i’ll eat breakfast, have a snack at 10:30, be ready for lunch by 11:45, have another snack around 2, need something to munch on before dinner, and have to at least have a piece of fruit before bed. little things, mind you. i’m not eating a full meal every time. if i skip a snack, though, i can totally eat a full meal … i just regret it afterward.

i already have a baby in my lungs, which means my stomach is also getting squished in the process.

eventually, i’ll get all that room back. what will i do with it then?


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