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33 weeks!

Monday, February 1, 2010

33 weeks - farewell, belly button

33 weeks

i think this week the innie of my belly button will finally fade away. it’s holding on, a tiny indent, but just barely. there is an upper lip of navel that now is permanently popped out above the pathetic shallowness of what once was my belly button. depending on how the baby shifts and moves throughout the day, this can accentuate the outtie that is slowly forming. i will miss my belly button, but i know we’ll meet again sometime post-partum.


let’s hope so.

i apparently have a wedding to be in come july.

anyway, the baby weighs about 4.5 pounds and is anywhere between 17-19 inches long. i know that this one is leaning to the left, and it’s my theory that it’s moved to finally be vertex. i believe there’s a butt under my ribs and a back arched against my left side, with its head attempting to use my bladder as a fluffy pillow. i get kicked almost exclusively on my right, also mostly under my ribs, with an occasional nudge further left or further down. when the baby gets hiccups, i can feel them strongest when i place my hand just above my left hip, so i’m guessing the head and chest are facing that downward direction.

this weekend, i did some experimenting … if i nudge or rub the lump that presses against my left side, i will eventually rouse the baby into action and get kicked in response. it’s kind of fun, though i can’t get too overzealous or i’m the one who pays for it with a heel in the rib cage or a squirm against my poor bladder.

still, to get a response at all is somewhat … magical. it’s interaction with the baby we will see from the outside in seven more weeks or less! yes, i’m still hoping to not be late, even if it’s against the odds for a first child.

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  1. Lissy permalink
    Monday, February 1, 2010 3:36 pm

    I’m just letting you know, my belly button was never the same. And this time it’s disappeared much earlier. Well, it comes and goes.

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