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i <3 fluffy baby things

Saturday, January 30, 2010

baby things have started showing up in the mail lately … which is both adorable and relieving. i’ve already mentioned how i’ve started to stress a little about how there feels like there’s only a few weeks left and how unprepared i feel, but maybe a lot of that is emotional projection instead of simply physical preparedness. in some ways, i know there’ll be so much more we need, but at the same time, i’ve got the basics now and can really relax. God knows what He’s doing; He’ll take care of us and the new life that’s coming soon.

so soon!

anyway, here’s what’s currently starting to fill up the crib:

baby things 01

baby things 02

baby things 01

onesies, sleepers, flannel blankets, and adorable towels. then, there’s two really cute diapers that arrived in the mail, both from muttaquin baby. they’re newborn size, so they won’t fit for too long, but they’re all-in-ones with a hidden layer of PUL under the cute print … so i won’t have to cover up the patterns! in fact, the sushi print is totally becoming the coming-home diaper, even if i know it’ll just get peed and pooed in.

muttaquin baby all-in-ones fluffy mail

muttaquin baby all-in-one, insides

muttaquin baby all-in-one, grass giraffes print

muttaquin baby all-in-one, sushi print

here’s what i’m going to freezer paper stencil onto one of the newborn lap tees i got for christmas in order to make our newbie’s coming home outfit:

coming home outfit plans

perfect, right? of course it is … it’s japanese for “fresh.” heehee. i can’t wait!


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