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good evening again, snow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

it was a lovely day of doing nothing, watching the snow fall, and observing the less intelligent residents of our townhouse complex attempt to drive. the men all had to play with their trucks in the parking lot, skidding their tires and pretending that if they spun their wheels faster, they’d somehow have the bigger testicles. it was amusing and sad. still, some people made it out.

we stayed home. ate stir fry. drank coffee. did laundry. walked the dog and took these photos. we had fun. we didn’t try to endanger other people on the roads out there. we didn’t try to show how amazing our two-wheel-drive honda fit was. we just enjoyed the snow and enjoyed the restful day God handed to us.

if you got out on the road, i suppose i should say good for you, but part of me thinks you really missed something.

1-30 dog's gotta go, regardless of the weather

1-30 the verdict

1-30 the verdict, part 2

1-30 the dog wants to stay outside


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