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naptime should be mandatory.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1-28 leftovers = yum

1-28 leftovers = yum

i feel a little bit like a zombie today, if only because i don’t think i slept much last night. i was up at 2am to pee and had a leg cramp (always my left leg, while my right ankle is always the one that swells). by the time i fell asleep again, i woke up to another terrible leg cramp; this time one so bad that i couldn’t bend my leg to stand up. i slid off the bed to the floor so i could stretch and push my leg against the dresser until it went away. it was rather excruciating … probably the worst leg cramp i’ve had since i started getting them at 15-16 weeks into my pregnancy. i tried to wake up hubby, but he was sound asleep to my whining. the dog came and comforted me, however.

the problem with the dog, though, is that once i was ready to go back to bed, he was actually still concerned and wandered around the bedroom for 30-45 minutes so i couldn’t fall asleep. then, i had to pee again anyway.

by the time 6:30 rolled around, there really wasn’t much point in me staying in bed. my hips hurt, my left leg is still sore (like i worked out kind of sore), and my nose/throat were so dry (even though we have a humidifier in the bedroom, as soon as i lay down, i’m congested and breathe through my mouth all night … i never used to snore until i became pregnant. it’s embarrassing!).

needless to say, i’m ready for the weekend, even if there’s so much i’d like to do.

a nap would be fantastic about now.



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