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32 weeks!

Monday, January 25, 2010

32 weeks

32 weeks

here’s to 8(ish) weeks left to go! i still feel like there is so much to be done. i’ve stopped looking at the registries because they make me nervous. i feel like i should go out and buy some of the things on the list and just save the gift receipts in case we get them later. all of our relatives should’ve gotten their announcements by now; i just hope all of them aren’t all planning on being last-minute shoppers …


there i go again.


ugh. i need to stop.

i’m hormonal and totally in nesting mode.

i want baby stuff to organize, but i’ve organized it all already. i want more. it’s kind of silly, but a really uncontrollable urge that might be amusing in hindsight because it’s hardly amusing now. i don’t like worrying, but i’m just sooooo good at it. i’ve found some peace, though, don’t get me wrong. God knows what He’s doing, and it’s my own fault for freaking out over things i really have no control over.

we have the basics—i’ve got boobs and we’ve got diapers, sleepwear, and blankets. that’ll get us through the first few weeks with no problem. it’s when i let my mind wander to the “later” that i get a little nervous.

anyway, i’m almost done with the mobile i’m making of craft paper birds. i just need to trim them all up and put them together (the wings and tails are separate), then find some branches and hang them. i have some cutting to do of all the fabric i’ll be using for the crib skirt and bumper so that i can start the sewing and assembling process.

then, we need to find a dresser/changing table. i’d like to find a 3-drawer dresser that i can put a changing pad on top of; that way i have drawers for the storage of cloth diapers, clothes (we have no more closet space—NONE), blankets, etc. that will actually be usable as furniture when the babe gets older.

i might have a rocking chair from some relatives in WV, which would be great. i think i’m even ambitious enough to sew a slipcover for it (it’s currently blue, which doesn’t go with the orange, tan, brown theme at all). i’ve seen some tutorials online; i’d just have to order some more fabric and hope what i want isn’t discontinued.

lastly, i’d like to hang up all the photos and art we have scattered in the house, make some wall art for the nursery to frame and hang, and finally have a decorated townhouse. i’ve got a plan for our wedding photos in a symmetrical collage of frames spread out on the floor in our living room. i’ve also got some photos from college to hang above the couch. there’s also some art for both bathrooms and some miscellaneous framed posters that need to find a spot. then, i’ll just have nursery art.

really, i still desperately want some wall vinyl. birds or trees or something. i think it would just be too awesome for words.

i hope i’m not being too ambitious for the short time i have left.

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  1. Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12:41 pm

    Aw hey thanks for stopping by my blog! You’re just a week ahead of me in terms of due date… although my midwife says that the average is 41weeks and 1 day for First Time moms… so we’ll see!
    Your nursery inspiration is great! I love Joel Dewberry’s Aviary collection which you show a photo of a crib set made from that. I feel like I’ve got SO MUCH yet to do… curtains, crib skirt, finish the quilt… mobile, baby carrier canopy (drapes over handle like a blanket but attached with ties) burp cloths… and who knows what else! Great belly photos too! I’ve been trying to take photos every two weeks. Next one is 32 weeks next Tuesday!

    Cheers! Cristin

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