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nesting inspiration, part two

Friday, January 22, 2010

so, i have three more baby-oriented goals slotted to be finished as soon as possible: 1) crib bedding, 2) wall decorations, and 3) a mobile. i’ve been looking around places like flickr and kid’s decor websites for inspiration.

1) here’s basically what my crib bedding is going to look like, only the colorway for the sparrows fabric i chose has brown branches and birds instead of the pale colors (see second image). i’m also using the wood-grain fabric for the crib sheet instead of that paisley. if i get really ambitious, i will be attempting a quilt with the leftover fabric:

2) much like my friend erin, i’d like to make wall decorations of my own for the nursery. though, i’d also really like to get some vinyl wall art, but i think some bright, framed hand-made art would look really nice, too.

3) i really want to make my own mobile, but i can’t decide if i want to make it out of cloth or paper.

so, needless to say, i have these next 8-9 weeks cut out for me in terms of getting busy in a crafty way. i’d better make as best use of my weekends and evenings as possible! time is running short.

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