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nesting inspiration, part one

Friday, January 22, 2010

so, i’ve got this real urge to do things around the house, but, as i said earlier, it’s been frustrated by the fact that i have to go to work instead. by the time i come home, i’m usually out of energy for big projects. one of the things i’ve been scouring the web for are assymetrical photo collages on walls—i think that a photo wall would look really great in our living room. we’ve been in our townhouse since september and haven’t hung any pictures, so it’s probably about time.

hubby’s only request is that the frames all match, even though i’ve seen some pretty nice mis-matched frame photo walls while scouring flickr (which is where most of these images come from).

i think we might have enough frames leftover from our wedding three years ago, but i’m always up for a trip to michael’s or ac moore’s in order to pick up a few more with some matting.

the process will probably require something like this, if only because hubby and are both pretty obsessive about getting things right:

now, i suppose this kind of nesting has nothing to do with the nursery so much as the entire house. i still have sewing to do (that i’m actually excited about now that i have the fitted sheets out of the way), and there’s some decorating i think i’d like to get around to before my time is up and the baby arrives.

the good thing about all of this nesting energy (even whilst being thwarted by all the other things i have to do) is that it’s keeping me from worrying over our registries. ugh. if i worried over other people helping us get everything we need before it’s too late as often as i’d like to, i’d never get anything done!

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  1. Friday, January 22, 2010 3:11 pm

    chris is turning a small wall at our entryway into a photo collage wall, but with lots of eccentric little frames. fun times!

    I remember very well panicking over not having everything on “my list” as soon as I wanted it. You and I are silly like that. Remember that there’s a lot of stuff you won’t need right away, and some things you won’t need for 3 or 6 months!

    Oh, I have a couple of thoughts for you about your registries. One is that you don’t really need baby food books, because there are tons of resources online (that frees up “gift giving space” for things you really need)… I have been getting my info from … by the way, it becomes super easy to prepare baby food when you remember that things like banana and avacado take absolutely no prep (just moosh it with a fork before feeding) and things like sweet potatoes can be nuked for 8 minutes, set out to cool, and then they’re good to go, too. (Zeke has been known to have a whole banana for breakfast or a whole sweet potato for dinner, although he usually has a bit more variety).

    Another thing I thought I would definitely need are the little mits you put over babies hands to keep them from scratching themselves… the problem is that they fall right off so they did NO good! I discovered that putting socks on their hands when they’re tiny is much more effective. (And socks are cheaper!)

    One more thing… you may want one or two backup fitted sheets. At the beginning your little one may very well spit up all over the sheets a couple times at night, and we still have middle of the night diaper leaks that require a sheet change… sure, if you only have to change the sheets once at night you’re fine and can just run laundry the next day, but what about the times they wet the sheets TWO TIMES before you can get laundry done? We’ve been more than grateful to have 3 sets of fitted sheets (we’ve needed them all for the bassinet, the pack-n-play, AND the crib now that he’s moved on to that). Maybe even just pick up a cheap one at Target or something as a backup.

    Okay, this is a very long comment. Sorry for the unsolicited advice. To make up for it, know that there is a package on its way to you to help you cross an item or two off your list (and even to cross off an item you didn’t even realize you couldn’t live without!)

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