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helplessly nesting

Thursday, January 21, 2010



i was late to work today because i just had to pull out some photos from the closet and examine some frames. it was some undeniable urge that i couldn’t fight and couldn’t procrastinate any further on. it was really consuming. i have this need to do things, but i feel trapped without the means or the time to do it … i have been dying to hang photos about our apartment for a week now but haven’t found the time nor the cooperative hubby to do so. he’s had homework or other things to do, and i know i can’t do it on my own … especially not now that i drag myself home from work tired and almost as sleepy as i was back in the first trimester.

i finally got to sew the other fitted sheet yesterday night, and it was such a relief. i’d felt thwarted since saturday.

now, there’s so much i want to do—find a dresser for the nursery, hang pictures in frames, make some art for the nursery, make a mobile for the nursery, and finish sewing the crib bedding.

and i want to do that all right now!

only … i can’t. ugh. i hope i have some time this weekend. i’m tired of being frustrated.

p.s. lunch today was leftover spicy pesto. i make it with one package of pesto, one can of diced tomatoes with jalapenos, and one can of garbanzo beans. very full of yum.


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