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who stole january?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

give it back. seriously.

1-20 where has january gone?

1-20 where has january gone?

january’s almost over and i’m left sitting here with my blt and potato soup on a typical wednesday thinking i don’t really have that many more typical wednesdays left. in fact, i have eight wednesdays after this one before my due date.

here, let me type that again, s l o w e r …


i don’t have much else to say. i think i’m pretty stunned. i will mention i hope some of the stuff on our baby registry would hurry up and get bought already. i’m starting to panic.

a lot.

in fact, i’ll admit i worry daily about whether or not we’ll be prepared in time. i feel guilty for worrying, especially since i know there’ll be a baby shower some time in february, but i also don’t want to be left scrambling in march to make sure we have everything we need … especially because i know we can’t afford it all. i did send out cards to friends and family, but not all of them are internet-savvy. everyone else knows me from facebook or this blog, but i certainly don’t want anyone to feel obligated. i just want to worry less, but i can’t help it.

sometimes i really feel the time creeping up and feel horribly unprepared when it comes to baby things.

i think i’m mostly prepared for everything non-physical … it’s just the material things getting me down.



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