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still so much left to do …

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

almost finished

almost finished

just experimenting with some filters while documenting our cloth diaper stash. it’s temporarily being stored in our bedroom dresser (which will eventually be for baby clothes once we find a changing table for the office/nursery), so i thought i’d take a photo of it all.

the top drawer is preemie prefolds, newborn prefolds, covers (2 newborn proraps, 4 size 1 thirsties duo wraps, and one imse vimse organic cotton wrap), wool (sustainablebabyish size extra-small), some fitteds (4 work-at-home-mom-made newborn fitteds and 4 newborn swaddlbees), and snappis. i’d like some more wool soakers, and i’m tempted to sew some of my own (i don’t think i’ll ever knit, however).

the second drawer is premium prefolds, newborn/3sr muttaquin fitteds, sustainablebabyish hemp fitteds in both extra-small and small, and a handful of pockets (2 small swaddlebees, 2 small blueberries, 4 size one thirsties duo diapers, and 2 one-size blueberries). i’ve got a few more pockets on the way, and i think i’ll come to love them. the empty space in the middle is for a couple more sustainablebabyish hemp “magic” diapers. i think they’ll be good for overnights.

now, i need to sew crib bedding and get our announcement/new year’s cards out in the mail to friends and family so that people can start fulfilling our registries. with only 11 weeks left, i realize we have very little prepared for this baby … i need to get on the ball and see who’s willing to help us out—there’s no way we can afford everything we’re going to need on our own!


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