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29 weeks!

Monday, January 4, 2010

29 weeks

29 weeks

here i am at 29 weeks … which means i have less than 80 days left to go (hopefully). i still have a belly button—for now—but i certainly have quite the bump, too. the baby is almost 17 inches long and may weigh almost 3 pounds already. growth is slowing as its brain develops and it puts on fat in preparation for the outside world. supposedly, it’s in there opening its eyes, practice breathing, hiccuping (i’ve felt that), swallowing, sucking its thumb, and kicking me in the ribs. fun times.

its schedule has changed from earlier in my second trimester. where it was once very much a “food baby” and i would feel movement after most meals, it’s now moving mostly in the morning before i get out of bed and at night before i go to sleep, with the occasional movements throughout the day. the morning is currently the most active time—i’ll get up to pee or just lay in bed and talk and it will roll around and kick and squirm like crazy. this weekend, i’m very sure i felt a foot or a knee or an elbow with the palm of my hand against the top of my stomach. the baby also likes music, whether i’m alone in the car driving to or from work with the radio or whether we’re in church on Sunday morning singing before teaching. it’s pretty cute.

i’m definitely feeling the third trimester already, however. i have less endurance walking around places, i’ve got less of an appetite because i have less room, and i’m starting to feel tired again (just not to the crazy extremes i experienced during my first trimester). other than that, however, things have been pretty good.

with the rolling into the new year, i’m beginning to feel more anxious and excited. we’re going to have a baby in our house soon, not just in my belly! there’s still so much to do—i need to get our registries out to family members through some kind of baby announcement because we have very little ready besides a crib and some cloth diapers. we still need all of the major essentials like a car seat, etc. i suppose the pressure is on me to make something pretty and get it in the mail as a New Year’s/New Baby announcement. it should be fun. i just need to get it done this week …


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