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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i think our diaper stash is pretty much done. i will admit that i’m just as excited about  giving prefolds/covers a try as i am about the fitteds and pocket diapers. in my mind, prefolds and covers will be great for daytime while at home, with fitteds a choice for night time under wool or just for cuteness during the day. pockets should be great for outings, visiting family members, church, and possibly also night time. if they work out really well, i know i can stuff them with prefolds so those won’t go to waste.

i have a bunch of doublers/inserts, 2 more small pockets, 1 more small fitted, and 2 more custom newborn all-in-one diapers coming in the mail. then, i’ll just find a couple more small covers (preferably wool), and call it quits until March (hopefully … though, i think i’ll come to love pockets and have to get more one-sized ones for later). i think the variety i’ve got now will be nice, and i know that whatever doesn’t end up working for us can be sold back.

now, to finish sewing those cloth wipes and that crib bedding.

p.s. the monkey and the octopus were Christmas presents. so cute!


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