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it’s only tuesday

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12-29 still life with work

12-29 still life with work

this week is busy, so it should go by fast. i’m glad. i feel like as soon as i hit the third trimester, i got tired again. while i’m not falling asleep on the drive home or crashing on the couch once i get there, i’m not exactly moving as fast as i was in the second trimester—in fact, sometimes i’m limping and plodding along with hip and back pain. i don’t have the endurance i did, and it sort of snuck up on me all of the sudden.

i really noticed over Christmas vacation … i got worn out so fast when we went places and wandered stores. normally, i enjoy that kind of stuff for a little while, but i was hard-pressed to put on a happy face and keep the spirit this time.

it’s hard; like hitting a wall i wasn’t expecting. surprise!

this will be the most difficult trimester, i think. full of excitement at what’s coming and yet … worn out by all the changes my body is going through.

for now, the joy of anticipation is still winning.


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