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Monday, December 28, 2009

12-28 back to work

12-28 back to work

well, it’s monday and i’m back to work. i should have a belly photo today, but hubby didn’t want to crawl out of bed this morning. maybe i’ll be able to sneak one in tonight. i’ve got a lot on my plate this week, but it’s a short week and i can’t complain.

Christmas was great, despite all the traveling. we managed to fit in most of our family, but i’m sorry i missed being able to see my grandparents. there just wasn’t enough time once the weather was supposed to turn into icy rain (it didn’t, but after being stuck in our house in snow for two days, we didn’t want to risk it). still, it was really nice to see everyone that we could. i’m glad i took the week off instead of just a day or two; it was worth it.

i’m growing like a weed. i feel like my belly is huge now. it hurts to sit for too long (discovered on the car rides), and i have to pee all the time. the baby is still leaning to the left. the uneven lump of my belly is very obviously slanted to the left side, but the mystery is whether or not that’s the butt or the head. my belly button is slowly disappearing, though it’s still an inny. i’ll be sad when it goes. i don’t want it to turn inside out. at all.

other than that, the third trimester has already begun to sink into my system. i’m back to struggling with constipation (it could be that i have some of last week’s traveling and eating to blame on that), and it’s even more uncomfortable now that i have a 2.5 pound baby than it was in the first trimester when i just had a peanut. i’ve got to find ways to drink more water and eat more fiber, but i feel like if i drink any more water, i’ll never get any work done because i’ll spend all day in the bathroom. i can already pee at the drop of a hat … what’s next?

i can’t eat as much as i used to. i get full so easily now that my organs are getting squished. i’m definitely starting to fall into the small, frequent meals habit. i eat a bit, save the rest, and eat again a few hours later. if i don’t, it’s way too uncomfortable to be over-full.

the baby’s moving more, and it’s definitely starting to be uncomfortable on occasion. the leaning to the left bit can be tiring by the end of the day—along with an aching back, my side hurts from supporting a lopsided babe.

still, i am so excited. three more months to go … really? i can’t believe it sometimes. the new year (and march) are literally right around the corner! such exciting changes are in store for hubby and i … changes i can’t even really begin to fathom.

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  1. Lissy permalink
    Wednesday, December 30, 2009 1:10 pm

    The other day I ate 4 dill pickles on an empty stomach…let’s just say I regretted it later as it cleared me out 😉

    I know I don’t want to drink water either, but it’s probably the most helpful.

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