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this journey we’re on, you and me

Sunday, December 20, 2009

dear baby,

apparently, week 27 is the beginning of the third trimester. for some reason, i thought i had another week left before this point, but i was wrong. today’s a big deal. in some ways, it’s all downhill from here. we’re almost done! in other ways, there’s a lot of work left to be done between the two of us. i can’t believe it’s all gone by so fast, and yet it’s also been a lot longer of a time than i thought. here we are at the beginning of the end. in about thirteen more weeks (let’s not make it too much more, okay?), it’ll be time for you and i to meet in a whole new way. i can’t say i’m entirely looking forward to that process, but to be able to see your face and give you your name and hold you is going to be awesome.

this last leg of our journey of growth and preparation is probably going to go by just as fast as the first two, only i have a feeling it won’t be as comfortable or as easy for either of us as it has been. you’ll be running out of room. i’ll be running out of patience.

but, it’ll be worth it.

i’m excited. daddy’s excited (that’s the other voice you get to hear a lot; he likes to make funny noises). we’re anticipating your arrival. we’ve both felt you move, and lately we’ve even been able to see your motions, too. you’ve been growing in preparation for entering the world, and we’ll have our whole lives to continue to watch you grow into the person God knows you’ll be.

so, here’s to beginning the end of this part of our journey together—we’ll see each other soon!



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