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bring your toys to work day

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12-16 dipdych of my desk

12-16 mmmmwednesday

12-16 occasional chair

hubby kindly bought me an exercise ball (merry early christmas to me). he even inflated it yesterday while i was at work, so i shoved it in the car this morning to try it out as an office chair. right now, it doesn’t quite work as a permanent chair (i’m only comfortable on it for an hour or so and then i can feel fatigue set in on my back muscles), but it’s nice to have something to rotate out with my regular (still mostly comfortable) office chair. it’s kind of fun, too.

the ball was recommended during our birth classes as something that will be nice during labor. i can kind of understand that now. it’s supposed to help build muscle tone and, depending on how i sit in it, probably works a lot like the squatting position (which is said to be really great for the pushing stage of giving birth, believe it or not).

anyway, i joked to my office that it was “bring your toys to work day.” it was good for a laugh.


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