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inspiration is always better with food

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12-15 snack

i have been getting suddenly really hungry on a regular basis lately, so this morning i scrambled for a snack of decaf chai tea and some clementines.

12-15 leftovers

lunch couldn’t come soon enough. i barely made it to 11:30 when i broke out my leftover salad and yeast rolls from logan’s last night. that’s a cup of chocolate soy milk to go with it.

while eating my lunch and realizing that it now hardly takes much food to get me incredibly full (that must be why i’m hungry more often—i can’t fit as much in my tummy with an expanding uterus and a growing baby in the way), i looked at etsy and a few other websites for more baby inspiration.

speaking of baby, i’m pretty sure i can feel its growing body when i press a little into my left side. while i’m hopping i’m feeling it’s bottom, i suppose i could be patting it’s head. all i know is there is some definite extra pressure on that side and i’m still mostly feeling movement against my right side and below my belly button (that could be little hands, though). at church on sunday, i felt the baby squirm again … a whole body shift while we were singing that definitely made me falter in surprise.

lovely craftiness. i’m really feeling the urge to do something creative. i might have to stay home from band practice tonight and indulge in some sewing (finally).


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