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okay, i’m really nesting.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12-11 hodgepodge

i wasn’t sure what to bring for lunch today, so i made a salad and threw in some leftover corn bread from last night. i had one more yogurt in the fridge, so i decided all those things together sort of made a meal. right? right.

i’ve been feeling crafty lately (winter setting in? nesting?), but haven’t had the impetus to really get going on anything besides printing those cards for my etsy shop. i’d like to get to framing and hanging pictures in our apartment, sewing some things, and some more printing. i’d also like to decorate the office/nursery more, especially with some vinyl wall art like this or this. then again, i’d also like to find some vinyl wall art for the living room like this or this. i find this nursery to be really inspiring:

i love the lanterns (i wonder if we could do that instead of a mobile?), the dresser/changing table, and the light behind it. it’s really adorable.

she also has a couple of projects i’d like to try … one day … in the future.

the butterflies project looks really fun. i bet i could go through a bunch of old magazines and punch tons of those. it reminds me of this piece with hearts on etsy that i also find inspiring … i wonder what other fun paper cutter shapes i could find on the internet … do they have a bird? if not, i bet i could make a pattern myself and do some wall decorations like this:

i could even turn that bird one into a mobile, i suppose, especially since all i’d need is something like this … so, it’s hard to decide! i’m kind of liking the idea of lanterns or a wooden mobile at the same time.

anyway, i think i really want to be creative … in my house … SOON!

edit: instead of making a whole new post, i thought i’d add this … i’m suddenly beginning to see the wisdom in stocking some pre-made, frozen food in our freezer. with hubby being home all day taking online classes and eventually with the baby, he needs food. sometimes, when i come home from work, i have no interest in cooking. so, honestly, instead of buying expensive pre-made frozen meals, maybe we should try our hand at making our own with inspiration from here and here.


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