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and now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Monday, November 30, 2009

11-30  and now back to your regularly scheduled programming

no thanksgiving leftovers for lunch back home since we celebrated out of town. too bad. i could really go for a turkey sandwich. i’ll have to settle with tortellini from last night instead.

when did november fly by? dang, time is going so fast … tomorrow, december begins. somewhere around christmas, i will enter the third trimester.


like, the last one before labor and birth.

wow. i can still remember peeing on a stick the wednesday before hubby’s birthday and interrupting his video game time to announce that we were parents. we’d had our suspicions throughout the week, but that moment was much bigger than any hunches. it was awesome. i remember the little peanut-shaped wiggly thing on the screen at our first ultrasound at 11 weeks. now, i can look ahead and see the finish line sometime in march.

did i think i’d be a parent in 2010? yes and no. before i got married, i figured i’d be back in japan with my masters’ degree instead. now that i’m married, graduated, and thirty, i think it’s really exciting to be starting a family. once hubby’s done with graduate school next november, who knows what God has planned for us? i don’t, but i think we’re both in a place in our lives where our every day living would be made even more awesome with a child around. it’s a big step, this is true, but i definitely believe it’s one in the right direction for us.

sometimes it still feels like we’re both stuck in a holding pattern, circling some fog-shrouded runway in the dark, waiting for clearance from the tower to know what to do with ourselves … and yet, it’s not a terrible place. there’s a destination to reach and while it’s uncomfortable to have to keep waiting, it’s also comforting to know that means there’s still more journeying to be done, more adventure in life to be had.

in a few short months, that path will include a new addition to our family.



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