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24 weeks!

Monday, November 30, 2009

24 weeks!

please excuse slightly blurry photo. i’ll have to take a better one when it’s not gloomy outside.

sorry, we skipped out on the week 23 photo while back in ohio/west viriginia for vacation. not too much has changed as far as i can tell … i mean, all those different thanksgiving meals probably packed on a pound or two and helped the little one grow a bit in there. that round lump isn’t something i can hide anymore, but that’s okay. it’s cute.

i am losing my belly button, and this morning i said goodbye to my feet from over the bump. i’ll miss my toes. we’ll see each other again someday.

not only is it cute, but hubby finally got to feel the baby move over vacation. he’s seen it wiggle from across the room, but every time he’s come over to talk to it and put his hand on my belly, our baby gets shy and stops moving. maybe it’s a good thing; maybe it’s not shy so much as soothed. heehee. still, he finally was next to me while we were visiting some family and got to feel our baby do its aerobics inside the womb. that was exciting … though, the next morning he admitted to feeling it move in my sleep. it’s small enough now that i don’t wake up, but i know in a few more weeks, that may not be the case. silly baby, night time is for sleeping!

i also got a hair cut. short enough that i can’t pull it back anymore, but not too short. i like it. it’s definitely about the length i wanted—perfect for warm fuzzy hats in the winter!

other than that, it’s dark and rainy. again. i would’ve had hubby take a belly photo at home, but him and the dog were just two lumps in the bed that didn’t move at all. i got up, ate breakfast, packed my lunch, took a shower, and poked at them a bit, but they were both not interested in facing the day yet. good for them. if my hips let me stay in bed longer, i wouldn’t have minded 15 extra minutes in bed, but that’s just not happening any more. i did cave and pick up some tylenol, but it certainly doesn’t last all night and even in the morning, i still have some aching. it’s just something to get used to, i know, but i do really miss sleeping in.


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