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Sunday, November 29, 2009

cloth diaper stash 90% complete!

cloth diaper stash 90% complete!

cloth diaper stash 90% complete!

yes, i’m almost done with the early stages of our cloth diaper stash! … for now.

what i’ve got so far:
12 little lions preemie prefolds
18 little lions newborn prefolds
12 green mountain diaper newborn prefolds
12 little lions infant prefolds

5 swaddlebees newborn fitteds
6 kissaluv fitteds, size 0
2 sustainablebabyish hemp fitteds
4 work-at-home-mom made newborn fitteds
1 baby bee hive newborn fitted
5 muttaquin newborn fitteds

1 sustainablebabyish wool cover, newborn size (i’d like a small one of these, too)
1 imse vimse newborn wool cover
2 thirsties duo wraps, size 1
2 thirsties covers, xs
2 newborn proraps
1 bummis soft whisper wrap, newborn-sized

whoo. it’s been busy shopping, but since everything has been previously loved and well-cared for, it’s all cheaper than store-bought and totally worth the prices!

all i need now are a couple more small covers, some doublers, some snappis, a wet bag or two, a few one-sized all-in-one diapers (i’m thinking either bum genius or smartipants), and a changing table with some baskets to store it all in! i’ll be sewing my own fleece stay-dry liners and a few of my own flannel/terry cloth wipes, so i don’t think i’ll need to buy any of those.

now that i have my sewing machine fixed (thanks, aunt maureen!), i can begin the adventure of sewing our crib bedding sometime soon, too. i’m really, really excited about giving it all a try. i think it’ll be a fun challenge for a sewing noob like myself, but i don’t think it’ll be too difficult to be discouraging. i bet the elastic for the fitted sheet and possibly the crib skirt will be the hardest part, though the crib bumper may be a little difficult. we’ll see. it’ll still be really awesome to have made that stuff myself; i hope it lasts so we can re-use it, too!

also, that awesome hand-knit baby blanket was a gift from my nana. she said the adorable lady she bought it from won a blue ribbon in a craft fair for the blanket. it’s sooo cute and soft!


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