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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11-24 fabric

all of the fabric i ordered to sew my own crib bedding for the baby has finally come! i have it all in the nursery, folded and ready to be washed, dried, measured, cut, and sewn. all i need now is elastic for the fitted sheets, minkie or fleece for the underside of the quilt, and some plain, natural cotton for the rest of the crib skirt. oh, and i need to figure out what’s up with the tension in my sewing machine … otherwise, none of that ambitious sewing is even going to happen.

speaking of cribs, ours is a Simmons and is not on the recall list. thank goodness! it’s also 10 years old, has been the sleeping place of a handful of other children who are all still alive and well, and is still sturdy. good signs, if you ask me.

11-24 newborn cloth diaper stash

11-24 newborn cloth diaper stash

currently residing in our crib is the growing stash of cloth diapers for the newb. i think i have all the prefolds i need, and there’s a few more fitted diapers (kissaluv size 0s, swaddlebees, goodmamas, and a few more mutts) along with some covers (thirsties extra-small covers and two thirsties duos size 1) on their way in the mail. then, all i need are some snappis, inserts/doublers, and a handful of all-in-ones (either bumgenius or smartipants, i’m thinking). once those are all assembled, we’ll be good for hopefully six months until the baby grows into larger sizes.

diaperswappers has been an awesome help—all of the cloth diapers i’ve purchased so far have been used, most of them half price or less, and all of them in excellent condition. i hope to return the favor with anything that’s outgrown over time that i don’t feel like saving. it’s been such a great resource!

11-24 a little bit of planning

11-24 a little bit of planning

lastly, sitting eagerly on my kitchen counter are a few more gocco printing projects for my etsy store. i’ve got a whole case of multicolored note cards with matching envelopes to print some japanese patterns onto (though, those aren’t pictured here). i also want to print on some lined moleskine cahier journals to put up for sale. i don’t think i’ll be taking them home with me to work on over Thanksgiving, but they’ll be there waiting for me when we get back on Saturday.

that said, i’m so glad the sun has come out again today! i hope this week off is full of sunshine, even if going home has been made a little bit uncomfortable by the return of old issues with my mom. it’s too bad, really, but i still know in my heart i made the right choice. until she realizes that our relationship needs to run deeper than money, that we have a history of mistrust in that area that needs to be healed, and that i care about her a lot, there’s nothing more i can do but wait patiently in the angry silence she’s chosen to initiate.

the ball’s in her court now, not mine.

  1. homebird2 permalink
    Tuesday, November 24, 2009 11:05 am

    Ok, you’re making me feel really unprepared. 🙂 All I have is the bedding, and not even a crib to put it in. haha.

    • Tuesday, November 24, 2009 11:08 am

      I think I’m just excited, and I hate getting caught up in things last-minute. I decided to at least take care of newborn cloth diapering because I have a feeling a fair number in my family really won’t know what to do about the cloth diapers on our registry other than tell us we’re crazy. Other than that, I haven’t really started on anything else! 😛

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