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who says cloth diapers have to be boring?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i don’t! if i could splurge to give our baby the cutest bum on the block, here’s some fitted/one-size cloth diapers i’d be spending money on:

these are all muttaquin baby fitted diapers, the second-to-last one is a one-size with 3-rise settings and the last one is a newborn all-in-one. custom all-in-one orders are possible here.

i’m also in love with snicklefritz.

lastly, there’s some adorable diapers available on etsy. the orange argyle fitted with orange wool cover i posted a few weeks past is just one example. the ones above are from two other sellers.

lastly, expensive but drool-worthy sustainablebabyish. the wool and organic fabrics are just yummy. i’ve actually found two of the newborn diapers and a lovely small wool cover for insanely cheap (half price) on diaper swappers, and i’m excited to receive them.

p.s. i’ll admit … i’m curious if i can just eventually learn to sew my own. maybe one day. there’s a few online patterns out there, after all.


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