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stuck here … again?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11-17 a bit of comfort in the difficulty

11-17 a bit of comfort in the difficulty

i know that God does things for a reason, but sometimes i really wonder if it’s really necessary to have the same situation repeated. i thought i was doing it right this time. maybe i am. it’s still hard, being here, seeing some uncomfortable familiar things happen in my life again. the hormones of pregnancy do not assist my clear thinking and ardent trust at all this time.

i know it’ll work out.

speaking of working out, i’ll leave you with two nursery images that inspired me today:

i forget where they’re from, so i’m sorry there’s no links. the trees at the top are what i’d like to do with vinyl in the office/nursery, only a little less crowded. the quilt, mobile, and rocking chair in the second photo are amazing. that’s just what i’d love to create for our baby’s space before he or she gets here.


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