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a little progress

Monday, November 16, 2009

11-15 nursery progress

making some progress in the nursery, i’d say. last week while the internet was out (during all that darn rain), hubby spent some time rearranging the office/nursery. i think the crib looks really lovely right there between the two windows. now all i need to do is decorate the walls, sew the crib bedding (fabric should arrive this week), convince hubby we should get a changing table (for storage and the obvious) and a rocking chair (so we don’t have to go downstairs all the time), and finish our first stage cloth diaper stash.

no rest for the weary, i suppose … and, i tell you what, i’m weary. my hips have been really bothering me at night these past few nights. a deep, numbing ache that comes every time i switch sides. i’m up by six most mornings, but agonize in bed as long as possible. i suppose i could start getting up and finding productive things to do around the house.

but … hmm.

11-16 brown baggin'

lunch today was accidental—i totally forgot to pack myself one. i can’t believe it just slipped my mind. the brunswick stew from the gas station up the street wasn’t so bad, actually, but i definitely enjoyed my chicken salad sandwich more (it’s been a while since i’ve had one).

tonight is our first birth class. while hubby isn’t so excited about it, i’m hoping it’ll be interesting. really, i want him to be a bit more enthusiastic … i just … don’t know how to help that along at all.


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