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quick day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

11-13 lazy lunch

just a lazy lunch of salad (avocado, green leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumbers) and leftover whole grain garlic and pecan rice. it was yummy. i also had yogurt with honey.

while eating, i ordered most of the fabric i hope i’ll need for crib bedding. oh, gosh, i hope it all works out. i’d like to go to a fabric store and not just the internet; i’d like some natural cotton as filler and possibly a third crib sheet, just to make sure i have enough. i also need some orange fleece and some orange fabric to make the ties for the bumper pad. i don’t really want to buy anything to stuff the bumper pad with; i’d rather buy a plain bumper and cover it so i can just wash the cover. i wonder if i can find one at target—there was nothing at walmart. or, there are these two different ones on amazon.

if i can pull this off, it’s going to be cute.

… i hope.

i’m also leaving early to go to richmond for some family birthday-ness, so this is a quick day. i’m glad i survived the busy week.


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