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Monday, November 9, 2009

11-09 taco bake

11-09 taco bake

i have such a case of the Mondays. the hazy/cloudy lack of sunshine isn’t helping. the baby’s been quiet yesterday and today, and i can only tease myself into thinking it’s growing in there, getting all ready for the big ultrasound on Wednesday. that makes it cute and exciting, even if it’s strange to not feel it move after such a busy week last week.

speaking of baby, i think i’ve finally finished both of our full registry lists, importing cloth diaper information from both sites i like to with the universal lists feature. i’m pretty content with the cloth diaper set-up i’ve got planned now, thanks to the help of experienced friends and a few well-placed questions on some cloth diaper forums (prefolds and fitteds with covers for the newborn and moving up into all-in-ones and pockets as the baby gets older is apparently the best way to go. sounds good to me, and i’m totally open to experimenting with all the different kinds out there. right now, i’m very tempted to start adding these adorable muttaquin fitteds to the registry, but they sell out so quickly … i’ll probably have to buy a few myself. (who doesn’t want to see a newborn in a sushi diaper? seriously.)

i’ve also added etsy favorites to the amazon list for things such as nursery decor. the registry is everything else, mostly practical necessary stuff. now, the problem will be getting our non-internet-shopping relatives to buy something practical. that should be interesting.

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