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all-in-ones? pre-folds with covers? oh my!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

well, over the past couple of weeks, i’ve been doing research on cloth diapers. i’ve read a ton of mommy blogs, reviews, and browsed websites. i’ve considered our needs and lifestyle, and decided that picking one and trying a couple of other brands is our best bet. i’ve set up a registry on kelly’s closet here. (the required password to view the registry is simply: babysmith)

the overwhelming variety of diapers out there is what got me, but i think that all-in-one diapers with pre-folds and/or inserts would be best suited for us. i also think that they’d be easy to teach family members, church friends, etc. since they most resemble a disposable. i’m willing to try some other styles as we go, however.

more importantly, i am very open to suggestion, even after all the reading i feel like i’ve done.

here are both of my lists, a registry (password: babysmith) and a wishlist.

  1. Tuesday, November 3, 2009 4:29 pm

    I thought for sure I’d wind up going with BumGenius because everyone I knew loved them, but after reading a lot of different opinions decided to try a few different things before settling. I must say, we wound up not liking our BumGenius much at all… the velcro is annoying and pills so easily, and it’s really annoying unstuffing them from the poopy back of a diaper. Haven’t tried fuzzy bunz because they were more expensive. I’ll tell you what we’ve decided are our favorites, after trying a LOT of different kinds of AIOs, are Smartipants. Kelly’s Closet is the ONLY online shop to sell them other than the Smartipants website, actually. Why, you ask? Well:

    1) They’re cheaper than bumGenius
    2) They wick moisture away the best of everything we have (Zeke feels dryer longer, and he HATES feeling wet)
    3) They have snaps instead of velcro, which we prefer
    4) They are PASS THROUGH diapers, which means you do NOT have to unstuff them. Just throw the whole diaper, insert still stuffed inside, into the diaper bag, and when you run the laundry the agitation will unstuff it for you.

    Our little man is a super soaker, too, so we got twice as many inserts as we have diapers and we double up on the inserts, and that seems easier to do with Smartipants than it was with the other brands for some reason. Just seems more effective.

    There’s my two cents.

    • Tuesday, November 3, 2009 4:30 pm

      huh. go figure. good to know!

      i actually am a little wary for the velcro (which is why i was also considering Fuzzibuns), so i think i’ll downgrade my wishlist to a trial pack of both Fuzzibuns and Bumgenius. i like the idea of one-size and all-in-ones instead of having to upgrade every time the baby grows, so i’ll check out Smartipants. 🙂

      thanks for doin’ some road testing!

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