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Friday, October 30, 2009

simple lunch today i almost wasn’t in the mood to eat. the dark, gloomy weather outside just makes me want to go to bed. it took me a while to get hungry.

while i was eating, i went through etsy and found the fabric i’d like for our nursery for cheap. now, i just need to find out how much yardage i need for things and get going. the yellows and the browns go so well with both the walls of our townhouse and the idea of staying gender-neutral. all of the fabrics are from a collection called Aviary by Joel Dewberry.

i’d also like to purchase some of the wood grain fabric for the crib skirt and details, as found here and here. i really like this rust version, if only because this etsy seller is asking more than i expected for the dark pine colorway that i prefer.

that last one is on sale and there’s only 8 yards left, so i’d better make up my mind and purchase it soon! i believe i need 2 solid yards for a fitted sheet, but i wonder if i should get 2 sets of 2 yards each so i have extra. hmm.

i found some patterns i could use here and here, and there are also a few online tutorials like this one and this one. for a bumper pad, i think i could just order something like this from ikea and create a cover for it; that way it would have the right amount of padding.

BONUS: this is my 100th post!

10-30 assorted lunch items

10-30 assorted lunch items


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