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19 weeks

Friday, October 30, 2009

19 weeks

well, here i am at the end of 19 weeks. in maternity clothes. with a baby bump that i can’t hide. nope, i’m not just gaining weight … there is totally something in there now! and it moves. oh, did it move yesterday. in the morning. in the afternoon. in the evening. during the concert (After Edmund, Tedashii, Mike’s Chair, and LaCrae). after the concert. move, move, move. i’m wondering if it’ll nap today because yesterday was so darn busy.

so far hubby hasn’t been able to feel it from the outside yet. he can still hear move if he puts the side of his head against my belly, but if he’d been sitting next to me at work yesterday during all the aerobics, i have a feeling he might have been able to feel something. even at night, it seems as though our little one has a bit of performance anxiety already. the minute i say, “come try to feel it!” the baby stops moving. it’s funny … the first couple of times. now, it’s just silly. i know it’ll happen eventually … but, yeah. i’m impatient to share.

okay, back to work with me.


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