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my favorite day of the week

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10-28 my favorite day of the week

10-28 my favorite day of the week

blt on wheat and potato soup from the gas station up the street (コンビニ昼ご飯). i haven’t been able to go wrong there, yet.

i’m so glad the sun is out today … i’ve been so tired this week. it could be because my sleeping at night has become less and less restful over the past couple of weeks. yes, i went out and bought that body pillow. yes, i try to sleep with the pillow between my knees, on one or the other side. however, after a couple of hours, the hip i’m sleeping on hurts and it’s time to wake up and roll over. rinse. lather. repeat. all night long. until, finally, around 4-4:30 in the morning my hips are angry, my legs are falling asleep, and i’m forced to pile up a couple of pillows and sleep sitting up in bed, hugging my body pillow for support. an hour after that, once the pain’s subsided, i can curl up on my side again until i finally drag myself out of bed around 7-ish.

oh, the adventures of being pregnant.

everything else is fun, mostly, except for the discomfort after dark. i don’t even have any glaringly evil stretch marks (thanks to cocoa butter), but … yeah. i miss sleeping comfortably. i really do.


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