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moar weekend plzkthnx.

Monday, October 26, 2009

10-26 leftovers and more

10-26 leftovers and more

as i write this, the baby is practicing its somersaults again. or something. i’m not sure, but it really amazes me how such a little thing can move around. sometimes, it just feels so strange. like right now. the current nick name for this offspring i’m incubating is “wiggles,” if only because so far it prefers not to just tap me with a foot or a hand but to do aerobics in the womb at every waking moment. no. really. i have an active one now … what will it be like when it’s born?

lunch today is leftovers. leftover curry and rice. leftover acorn squash. leftover fuji apple from the corn maze yesterday. all of it is still yummy.


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