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18 weeks! (yes, that’s a bump there)

Friday, October 23, 2009

18 weeks—where did this come from?

wow, do i feel bigger all of the sudden! this past week, i feel as though i’ve grown to ginormous proportions, even though i know i really haven’t. my belly feels huge! i know that it’s not (i need to hold out til 30 or so weeks before i can really use the word ginormous), but still. look at that thing right there! i’m right on track for my weight gaining according to all the baby books i have piled on my nightstand. i haven’t gained too much (10-13 pounds by week 18, it says, and i’m pretty close to that 10 or so), but it sure does look like more when i realize my uterus now sits two finger widths below my belly button, is the size of a cantaloupe, and holds a baby about the size of a sweet potato or slightly larger. i’m not getting any smaller, either, and i know it.

yesterday we went to our check-up and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. it was nice. we scheduled the “big” ultrasound for Nov 11. even though we don’t want to know the gender until it’s born, we’re excited to see our baby again. this time, it’ll be on a big screen tv. what a treat!

i’ve got some maternity clothes coming in the mail and i’m very excited. i’m at the point where wearing regular clothes is somewhat uncomfortable, but mostly because i know that these clothes cling to my belly and just make me feel even more giant. i also feel a little bloated, which totally didn’t help me want to pose for a picture this morning (i made rebellious faces).


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