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not so much

Friday, October 16, 2009

10-15 a bit too much

10-15 a bit too much

leftover pepper chicken from osaka’s yesterday, soba noodles, some veggies and fruit. i also made a mug of menyu for the soba. i didn’t quite eat it all, though. i’ll probably end up snacking on the veggies for the rest of the afternoon. i brought too much soba, considering i just had it a few days ago. the fruit and the pepper chicken were what went first.

i don’t think i like the skin on kiwi berries; they remind me of concord grapes only less slimy. i like the insides, though. they really do taste just like kiwis!

ugh. i must be growing or something today … i feel so uncomfortable. it probably kept me from eating as much as i think i could if i’d have felt differently.


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