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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10/14 gloomy weather requires this.

10/14 gloomy weather requires this.

blt on toasted wheat with potato soup from that yummy gas station deli up the street. it makes the clouds and the rain and the general blah-ness of life right now feel somehow better by comparison. somehow.

like the weather outside, i feel cloudy and heavy inside. not, like, indoors, but inside … metaphorically speaking. (i probably didn’t have to explain that to you, but i did anyway.) i’ve been pretty distant from a lot of things lately, and unfortunately i can trace a lot of it back from my slightly disappointing graduate school experience. the roots of discontent are there, but i never bothered to pull out the weeds and keep my garden in good shape. now, i can look at my heart and see it’s very much overgrown and in need of pruning.

it’s obvious to me, and yet that doesn’t mean i want to do anything about it. it’s so comfortably uncomfortable here.


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