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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10-13, zarusoba

10-13, zarusoba

today i decided to cook some noodles for lunch instead of have another pb&j sandwich. i made way, way too much soba so i’ll probably be having left overs tomorrow or thursday. zarusoba is cold or room-temperature soba (buckwheat) noodles with a dipping sauce/soup and toppings. my sauce is from a bottle of memyu i bought at krogers, watered down (of course). i also sprinkled some wasabi furikake, some 5-spice, and cut up some nori for the toppings. it would be perfect with taro, but i can only find the root at the store sometimes. i’ve never actually been brave enough to buy one, but if i do, i’d like to try it in okonomiyaki.

speaking of some cooking goals, japanese-style … i’d like to finally make hijiki salad again, but i need to go out and get some tofu or aburage. i just don’t want to make too much because if it only keeps a week in the fridge, i know it won’t get eaten. it’s almost better that i wait until we have people come over.

i think i’ve craved japanese food more than once during my pregnancy, but it’s not something i always feel like making or something that’s always easy to find here in lynchburg. i’d like to get some more natto, buy some real brown japanese rice (genmai), and maybe try my hand at making croquettes.

mmm … i should do that sometime …


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