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Monday, October 12, 2009

10-12, kiwi berries?

10-12, kiwi berries?

it’s gloomy and chilly today. i had a lot of trouble crawling out of bed, especially considering i just went downstairs and fell asleep in the chair for a bit accidentally. the whole day has been slightly fuzzy around the edges because of that. it’s the dark that gets me; this overcast of heavy clouds makes me feel like doing nothing but sleep. at least it’s not raining.

lunch today had one unique treat: kiwi berries! i found them at sam’s. they’re like someone took a muscat grape and mixed it with a kiwi. as you can see, it’s totally a kiwi in the inside without any fuzzy outside but a bit of a grape-like twinge of flavor. they’re pretty yummy.

other than that, today marks the beginning of week 17. i’m officially into my forth month. it’s still exciting but occasionally has it’s surreal moments. i’m growing, my clothes don’t fit, and i’m very sure i’ve felt the baby move often (no matter what the baby books say about how it’s early for me and my first baby).


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