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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10-7 tired

10-7 tired

potato soup day at the gas station deli up the street makes everything better … even my sleepiness. the chicken salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat didn’t hurt me much, either.

however, i’m definitely very tired. i slept terribly last night, but i have a feeling it’s only the beginning … not a one-time event. the hormones that are slowly, carefully, telling the bones in my hips to shift are already keen on giving me some discomfort. i can’t sleep on my back anymore, apparently, because my uterus has reached a size that when i do, it presses on my spine and my vena cava, potentially harming circulation to the little one inside. not that i could ever sleep on my back anyway; i’m a side-sleeper. always have been. really, i’ve always just slept on my right side—if i sleep on my left, eventually something goes numb because it’s just not a regular habit for me.

it’s just a new experience to have my hips and legs begin to hurt in the middle of the night, to have to rotate back and forth from left to right in regular shifts, and to have to shove a pillow between my knees. i need to get a body pillow. i need to find some comfortable position. i hope to do these things soon, for i’ve got five more months before the real adventure of non-sleep begins with a newborn!


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