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stupid batteries

Monday, October 5, 2009

i totally forgot to charge my camera batteries this weekend. yes, i had two days to remember and i forgot both days. so, just as i was about to take that photo of my lunch, my little sony cyber-shot died. with the lens out. brilliant. being the geek i am, however, i simply wandered down the hall into my boss’ office and cheekily asked to borrow his fancy nikon dx instead.

for my blog, i said.

i photograph my lunch every day, i said.

it’s a silly hobby, i admitted.

10-5, stupid battery

10-5, stupid battery

still, he complied with a laugh and here’s my lunch for today: pb& j on organic flax seed bread; tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers; and left over chips from a client meeting last week that i didn’t attend. all of it is somehow photographed more professionally … can’t you tell? yeah. right.

as i’m typing this, i’m pretty sure i feel the baby moving. today makes four months (16 weeks)! i can’t believe how fast it’s going by; i still remember peeing on that stick a few months ago. i’ve read that starting this week, my baby can finally hear our voices. i’ll start noticing it move more as it continues to grow and change. i might finally need to suck it up and get some maternity pants, even if i still have some smocked skirts that fit. my jeans are a little snug, despite the bella band. i’m not supposed to lay for long periods of time on my back anymore because it puts a strain on my circulation to the baby, which could apparently be harmful to its development. that’s a hard one, considering sleeping on my sides has become uncomfortable for long periods of time. i have to change sides frequently at night because my hips have begun to hurt. nothing major yet, but the beginnings of discomfort are creeping into the whole pregnancy adventure. so far, so good at least.

still, everything is much better now that i’m a few weeks into the second trimester. i have more energy back. i don’t have to crash as soon as i get home, even if sometimes it’s still nice to take a little nap. my food apathy is still rough, but considering i’m hungry often, i’ve learned to just roll with the punches.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    Monday, October 5, 2009 4:26 pm

    Love your blog 🙂 Food pictures are fun. Have you tried using a pillow? By the end of my pregnancy, I was using about 4 pillows a night… One behind my back (in case I accidentally rolled back in the night, as long as you’re tipped one way or the other circulation should be okay), one between my knees and one or two under my head. I used to barely sleep with one! Oh the fun little changes 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful afternoon/evening!

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