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this is not quite a wish list, but you get the idea, right?

Friday, October 2, 2009

i’ve spent some time surfing etsy for some baby decorating inspiration. i’ve found a lot of stuff i’d love to have, though some of it’s rather pricey. window shopping has begun to make me think i could possibly sew crib bedding myself, however, especially considering it’s not like i’d be sewing for a queen-sized bed. in fact, i might even be able to make bumper pads if i’m brave. first, however, i need to get my sewing machine tension right. then, i need to actually commit myself to the task.

if i get good at it … could i sell my own sheets online?

i do need to get printing with my gocco and try out some of the techniques in the book i bought recently, printing by hand. i’d like to supplement our income with craftiness since hubby is starting school in late October. i just don’t want to spread myself out too thin with my full time job, pregnancy, and such. hubby is totally willing to help, though, which will make the whole process a fun family activity.


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